About Ship and Port Solutions B.V.

Twenty years of experience within the world of marine services have brought Jeroen van Meel into founding Ship and Port Solutions in 2018.

In cooperation with our large network and thorough knowledge of the business, we have always managed to come up with the best solutions for our customers by thinking in possibilities.


Ship and Solutions is an agency that connects shipping agents, shipbrokers,

freight forwarders and other companies in shipping.

Jeroen van Meel

• 1995: Started in 1995 as an administrative assistant at an inland barge expeditor.

• 1997: Switched in 1997 from the inland barge department to shipping agency services. The shipping agency department expanded year by year.

• 1999: As an office manager, supervising four operators

• 2006: In 2006 Jeroen found a new opportunity and became managing director of a new shipping agency.

• 2018: As from June 2018 left the shipping agency and became entrepreneur/consultant for the maritime industry .

   Over 20 years of maritime expertise.

   Thinking in possibilities and bringing up the best solutions

   Large maritime network